Gil Luna Organic Boutique Family Winery in DO Toro

BODEGAS GIL LUNA is a young and modern company but it has the experience of the Gil Luna family with a long tradition in the wine sector. Founded as a family business, he has managed to position itself in the market thanks to the excellent quality of all its products and the utmost respect for the environment through ecological production. Our distinctive signs are fidelity to the tradition, the adaptation to the new needs of the market, quality and,above all, the unmistakable flavour.
The quality of the products of BODEGAS GIL LUNA is guaranteed thanks to a strict process. We believe clearly in the quality and technological advancements without giving up the tradition, that is our hallmark identity and our reason for being.

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Ctra. Toro-Salamanca km 2
49800 Toro

Teléfono    +34 980698509


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