Sin Complejos




100% Tempranillo. 6 months of ageing in oak. Vineyards age: 40 years.

“Sin Complejos” is a tribute to all people: vinegrowers and winemakers who have made the region of Toro be known national and internationally thanks to their work, research, tenacity, wisdom and respect to the vineyard, the soil and to the

"Tinta de Toro"  grape variety.


Specially, this is a tribute to my father, a lover of his work, the wine and in particular a lover of the region of Toro and its soil. Wences, like the “Tinta de Toro”, shares many of the qualities that I try to reflect on this wine: a lot of character, authenticity, no additives, naturalness, respect, notes of fresh fruit with that joy that is breathed in Toro and the honesty of its land and its people.


My photography illustrating the wine label is a statement of intent which wants to break with those stereotypes  we have been taught from birth and  from which, the world of wine does not escape either.


Since my childhood, I have always heard of Toro wines as hard, strong, rough, with a high content of alcohol ... My intention is that you enjoy this wine regardless of the area, the grapes or the accompanying paraphernalia. Just a good crystal glass with wine at the temperature you like and enjoy it where you prefer, AUDACIOUS WINES (“SIN COMPLEJOS")


Toro Apellation of Origin is in a region with excellent conditions: A continental climate of extreme temperatures, sandy soil and centenarian vineyards, many of which are pre-phylloxeric, since this plague had little impact in Toro

because of its geo-climatic characteristics.


In  "Sin Complejos" wine, I have tried to preserve the traditional power of the Toro D.O. combining it with an embracing softness. " Sin Complejos" is made from 40 to 60 year-old vineyards of Tinta de Toro, with very low production and grown in the tradition of the area not to interfere with natural processes and  to continue

with the times which  Nature marks.