Three of our wines have recieved Ecoracimo de Oro en the 2022 contest:

- Red Wine "LUNAS NUEVAS 2018"

- Red Wine "TRES LUNAS 2019"

- Verdejo "TRES LUNAS 2021"


Our Tres Lunas 2019 red wine received Zarzillo de Oro in the course of 2021.

Best Newcomer 2009

In 2009 we received from the hands of Mr. Pablo Álvarez (Vega Sicilia) one of the recognitions that can more excite and inspire to a company like Gil Luna, the "Best Newcomer of 2009" in the Wein Awards in Germany.

Best Organic Producer 2011

In the context of one of the most important fairs at the national level of ecological products, Ecocultura, we were awarded the prize as best manufacturing company of ecological agriculture in 2011.